Specializing in full-service planning and design, we collaborate closely with our clients, to provide a comprehensive, highly personalized experience from start to finish.

Through our years of experience, we understand that producing events can be complicated. It is therefore our job to make the complex and intricate appear easy and effortless so you and your guests can enjoy every detail to the fullest. No celebration is too big or too small, too near or too far. No inspiration is too unusual and all requests are considered. And no event will feel suited for anyone else but you, thanks to our authentic approach to planning and design.


Just as all of the couples we work for are different, all of the events our team produces have different budget requirements and are reviewed on an individual basis based on many factors, such as our couples’ wants and needs, location/venue, time of year, etc.


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Every event should be a complete reflection of the people we are planning for. Therefore, getting to know our clients is paramount, and always our first step. We want to know all of the details. Not only things you love and things you don’t, but who you are and the intricacies of your story. In getting to know you, we become better equipped to create something unique and all the more memorable.


In order to build the perfect event, we must find the perfect venue and build the perfect team of vendors and creative partners. We pair our clients with the best people for the job - prioritizing and collaborating with skilled professionals who are leaders in the industry, share the same passion as we have for our clients, and absolutely love what they do.

Venue & Vendor Management

We believe that every event should not only be beautiful but be highly functional, with every detail intentionally thought out. With an extensive background in hospitality and service, as well as a deep knowledge of the event industry, we plan every celebration with the intention that vision and logistics go hand-in-hand for a one-of-a-kind experience for you and your guests. This means we manage every facet. Think comprehensive timeline creation, organizing accommodations and transportation schedules, curating the perfect food and beverage menus, plotting out weather backup plans that are just as good as the originals, sourcing entertainment that goes beyond the stage, and more.

Guest Experience

The best weddings and events are the ones where you can see the client reflected in every single detail. FF is known for creating custom event designs to suit each of our clients, their settings, and their styles. We take time to build a cohesive vision that complements the overall experience of the day. From foundational aspects such as infrastructure and developing the perfect color palettes, to designing an intricate and inviting tablescape, to adding personal touches through stationery and gifts, every detail is considered and layered with intention.

The Design

Our team oversees the production of all of our clients’ events, from the moment welcome gifts are delivered, set-up commences, and through when breakdown is complete. We are your behind-the-scenes directors, setting all of the plans into motion and managing everyone and everything to ensure it all comes together smoothly and as intended so that you and your guests can truly experience and enjoy every moment.

Production & Coordination

Once the celebrations are over, we continue working with our couples to handle tying up any loose ends such as necessary vendor communication, finalizing any remaining payments, and ensuring all thank you notes are addressed and stamped, ready for you to send your heartfelt thanks to each of your guests.

Final Details

Industry Mentoring & Guidance:

We enjoy working with our event industry community both in Michigan and across the US to offer our knowledge and assistance as they grow and establish their businesses. From other planners wishing to gain knowledge in their field, venues and companies breaking ground or hoping to draw more events to their spaces, and vendors hoping to expand their offerings and attract more business, we enjoy sharing our knowledge on a broad range of topics to continue to elevate our industry.

additional services

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